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Hen House Rules! (all our rules and policies)


The only thing we use your info for is to help you with your orders and questions! We will NEVER sell your info! Our birds say that is NOT a clucky good thing!


Nope we won't take back what you order from us! Since Live babies and viable hatching eggs are our business they cant come back once they go out. The hens have informed me that once their children leave they do not want to see them back at home!


Absolutely no refunds!  With that being said we DO offer the following guarantee:

Chicks:  We guarantee the number of chicks you order will arrive alive by replacement or refund only The determination of which one that is remains solely to our discretion.  In order for either to be considered we require the chicks to be picked up within 3 hours of arriving at your post office and immediately upon opening the box you MUST send us photos of the box, inside and out and the dead in a manner that they are easily counted. If you do not comply with this requirement then we will not consider either.  That does NOT include the extras we always send. 

  For example: if you order 6 chicks and I send you 9.  If 3 perish in shipping I'm not going to send you more.


We do guarantee you will get at least the number you ordered of intact eggs by replacement or refund.  The determination of which one that will be is solely up to our discretion.  In order for either to be considered we will need pictures of the box inside and outside along with pictures of the broken eggs within 24 hours of delivery. If you fail to do so then we will not consider either.

Eggs are professionally packed in either foam shipping blocks or in polyfil and cartons with plenty of bubble wrap for protection.  Due to ever changing availability of packing materials we may have to change methods, BUT we will do our best to get the eggs to you intact.. Due to circumstances beyond our control with the postal service handling and individual incubating practices we DO NOT guarantee hatch rates. We check fertility rates on a weekly basis by incubating our own eggs and visual inspection.  Our fertility rates are 95% to 100%.   The boxes are clearly marked and professionally packaged, and while we generally have very positive hatch results on our shipped eggs there is also the chance of rough handling by the postal service, the box being in the sun, experiencing severe temperature changes, or being x-rayed can all cause the eggs to be non-developmental or cause a poor hatch rate. Also since we have no control over the way you yourself incubate eggs such as power outages, incubator failure, power spikes, an incubator that has not been properly calibrated etc. we can not be responsible for failures within your incubator. 

Shipping costs are NEVER refundable.


We are NPIP (CO-187) inspected certified AI and PT clean.  We can ship to all states in the United States  This includes Hawaii.  However please note some states require special permits and can take 2 weeks for the individual permitting process.


Chicks: They are shipped with adequate nutrition, hydration and heat to last 72 hours while in the postal stream.  This can be Grogel and/or oranges and chick starter.  They are shipped only in approved chick shipping boxes.  Heat packs may be added if needed.  Depending on your location I may ship them priority mail or priority mail express. 


We begin shipping spring orders in April.  They are then shipped in the order of the queue and what hatches every week.  We are a SMALL FLOCK farm so we do not have thousands or even hundreds hatch each week.  But with that being said your babies will have more personal attention with hatching and packing than they would from a bigger hatchery.

Eggs: Eggs are packed with plenty of padding and support to keep them safe.  We pack 2 different ways.  Either in foam blocks or in cartons packed with polyfil.  All boxes are labeled as to the contents being viable eggs and fragile.


We do our best to get your order out just as quickly as possible.  However due to the nature of our business there can be delays of up to 2 weeks generally for eggs and up to 8 weeks on chicks. We do send out tracking numbers a few days prior to shipping. I do not ship chicks on weeks that begin with a holiday ( They will be delayed by the post office) or on any day that my low is less than 40 degrees.  I want your babies to get there just as alive and happy as when they leave here. Once spring temps are warm enough and the ladies are laying enough I begin shipping,  Then they are shipped by what hatches each week and the oldest orders first. I know this can cause huge delays if you have pre-ordered in January. You are more than welcome to email or text 719-580-6776 with inquiries about your order.


Once I have sufficient pre-orders to keep Me shipping a good portion of the summer I make my chicks out of stock.  If you are a local ( meaning you can drive to y farm) text me on Tuesday afternoons to see if I have leftovers.


By purchasing from our store you are stating that you have read thru all of these rules of the hen house and agree to them


We can ship to ALL US states and territories, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Peurto Rico.  We do NOT ship to other countries.

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