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I begin shipping chicks in April. I do not ship if the lows will be less than 40 degrees. We are a small flock farm, meaning I dont have huge flocks and huge numbers of eggs to set. The orders are shipped in the order that they are recieved and the availabilty to fill each order. Thank you for your patience!


**LIMIT 12


These cold-hardy birds are thrifty foragers that will produce 150-200 green eggs a year. We often let our Isbars forage on pasture, and they are alert for predators but calm with people. The eggs vary in shade of green from a dark olive to a lighter moss green/ blue. Some eggs also have small brown speckles against a green background, and many chicken aficionados think Isbar eggs are the most beautiful of any egg. Whether speckled or pure green/blue, the Isbar eggs are as fantastic and exotic as the birds themselves.

Isbar Silverudds Chick **PRE ORDER

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