10+ extras of Hens choice  chicks. The breeds that can be included are:
White Bresse, Barbezieux, Ayam Cemani, Copper Marans, Birchen Marans,  Black and blue ameraucauna, Crested Cream legbar, Bantam Cochin, Opal Legbar, Olive Egger, Easter egger, Porcelain Leghorn, Isabel Orpington, Crele Orpington, Chocolate Orpington, Silver Laced Orpington, Mosaic, Red Altsteirer, Lavender Brahma, Pavlovskaya, Dampierre, Silver Penciled Plymoth Rock
We do not tell you what they are, that is the fun of watching them over the next several months!!

10+ Hatchery ChoiceAssorted Chicks

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